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Easy Ways to Eliminate Negativity

I admit that I can be a moody little wench. But one thing I get a lot from people is that I’m “happy go lucky” and “positive.” Awww thanks guys.

I’m sure that this is partly my nature. But a lot of it comes from practice. If you’re surrounded by drama and negativity, it’s only natural that you’ll become stressed. You start to see the world differently and not in a good way. Once you get into a negative mindset it’s not easy to break out of it. But today I’m going to share 6 easy ways to remove drama from your life so that you can have a peaceful mental state.

  1. MIND YOUR BUSINESS. Seriously. Part of the reason we get so bogged down is because we involve ourselves in other people’s issues too much. Sure you can support the people you love as they need you. But is it necessary for you to be on the phone constantly getting updates?
  2. SAY “NO.” Have you ever told someone “yes” again and again and again. But as soon as you say “no,” you become the worst person in their world? Are you always running out of time to handle your own errands because you’re always helping someone else? This isn’t healthy.  “No” isn’t a bad word. You have to take care of yourself too.
  3. GET RID OF TRIGGERS. Do you have a lotion/perfume/cologne that reminds you of a bad childhood experience? Get rid of it. Do you have feelings for an ex and are still holding on to the gifts they got you? Toss them (OK maybe not if it’s a pair of Louboutin’s or something). Of course this won’t necessarily make you forget your pain. But it helps prevent your mind from wandering off to that state of living in the past.
  4. POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. Put them in places that work for you. On your walls at home, as your phone wallpaper, printed on notepads, on your computer background.  Why not have little reminders around you to help lift your spirits?
  5. TURN ON THE HAPPY MUSIC. This is coming from a person whose favorite artist is Amy Winehouse – and we all know how depressing she was! Still, I understand how powerful music is and that it can alter your mood. So listen to more things that make you feel good.
  6. STOP GIVING A FUCK WHAT PEOPLE THINK. Yeah I said it! People have quoted scripture to me saying “a good name (reputation) is more valuable than great riches.” *yawn* Seriously, that’s why people are so down today. Hiding their sexuality, overspending to keep up with the Jones’, stressing themselves out because they care too much about what others think. People’s opinions can vary depending on your level of relationship with them. Be true to YOU. 

If you’re surrounded by drama and feeling pessimistic, you do have the power to make things better. Peace of mind doesn’t just happen. You welcome it into your life by creating the right mental environment. Remember, spring cleaning isn’t just for your home *wink*

How do you clear negativity from your life when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Until next time…

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