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Dreams: Do They Mean Anything?

Anyone else dream a lot throughout the night?

When I dream, everything is in full color and very vivid. When I wake up my heart is usually racing – because of course I can’t have some chill dream like suntanning on the beach with Derek Morgan. Sometimes when I wake up from a dream if I fall back asleep too soon the dream will continue. And depending on the dream that can be a frightening thing!

I’ve had people tell me that my dreams mean nothing; that they came from a movie I watched or something I ate.

I disagree.

I believe that dreams are God speaking to you, your subconscious screaming to be recognized or a revelation about a situation in your life. Here are some snippets of dreams I’ve had…

  • I had a bunch of miniature pet dolphins living on my floor
  • I saved someone’s life
  • I was at a talk show; Joe and Ginuwine were guest performers
  • I had a stalker
  • My car hydroplaned and I was happy about getting the insurance check from it (how basic of me)
  • A rat chasing me and trying to bite me
  • I was trying to have sex in a museum multiple times in the same dream
  • People trying to kill me

As you can see my dreams range from dangerous to horny teenager with many many variations in between. If you too believe that dreams serve a purpose but can’t quite make sense of what you see in your sleep, here are some helpful tips.

Use a dream dictionary. Personally I use this one. So far there hasn’t been one thing in my dreams that isn’t explained here. It may not answer every question you have but it’s a good start.

Record your dreams. I write mine in a journal. I also keep a small voice recorder by my bed so that as soon as a dream ends I can get it out of my head and get right back to sleep. If you don’t make record of a dream before going back to sleep, you might forget it.

You might remember later. Even if you know the gist of your dream it can take some time before all the details come back to your mind.

Tell someone. “I had this crazy dream that I was trying to have sex in a hospital!” (Yes that’s another one of mine. Ugh). Moving right along…telling someone about your dreams can feel a bit weird. Make sure you talk with someone you trust and know very well. They might be able to help you figure out the meaning to a dream that baffles you.

Do you think dreams hold any meaning? What’s a weird dream you’ve had?

Until next time…



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