Decorate for the Holidays – Under $50!

If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you know that I’m a frugal gal who loves a good deal. I try to get as much done as I can, while spending as little as I can. Decorating is, like, SO fun and I was so excited for the holiday season that I had my tree up before Thanksgiving. Judge me, IDC.

Even though I’m zealous about this time of the year, I still didn’t want to buy expensive decor especially when it’d be stashed away in just a couple of months. I also enjoy thrifting but I didn’t have the time to run around town hunting for crazy markdowns. I wound up improvising but I pulled it off for less than $50! I’ve decorated on the “dime” before (read about it here) and am sharing my ways with you all over again! Let’s get to it, shall we?


There wasn’t a fireplace in the home that I grew up in but I always wanted one. Luckily my place has a wood burning fireplace and it’s like THE best focal point in my living area. I definitely wanted to string a garland with lights across it but the pre-lit ones in the stores were $12+. That’s not a terrible price but I chose to DIY my own piece instead to save a few bucks.

-12 foot garland: $4 (I folded it in half for a fuller look)
-Ornaments: FREE (leftover from my Christmas tree supply)
-Mardi gras beads: $2
-Plaid bow: $4 (for a pack of 10)

I got the string of lights during an off season clearance earlier this year for $2 and I’ve had the “hope” cross for $6 years ago so they aren’t counted in the cost tally for this post. I used two of the bows on this garland to tie it together and keep it neatly in place. The rest were put on the Christmas tree. It’s always great to get more than one function out of something. I love how this turned out!
Christmas_Decorating_on_a_BudgetAnd OMG how cute are these jingle bell strands? They were $1! I have one hanging from the garland on each side of the fireplace.


I’ve never had a formal dining area to obsess over – and still don’t. But I did think it was time to finally add some place mats to the breakfast bar. They’re machine washable and reversible so I can continue to use them after the holiday season ends.

-Place mats: $7 (for both)
-Artificial poinsettia: $1


I talked about my tree before and was so anxious to open it to see how it worked! Since it was free, I knew that there was a possibility that the built in lights might not work – and they didn’t. But hell, it was a free 7.5 Christmas tree. They gave me the ornaments too! I picked up a box of lights and the bow topper for $5 each and added the plaid bows from the packet I mentioned earlier. Even though the pre-lit function was a no-go, I’m more than satisfied! The other pieces (candy canes, spirals , pine cones, icicles) were a surprise from a friend of mine!



And then there are the little nooks and crannies of the place that don’t really need to be decorated, but I did it anyway. Because…Christmas cheer!
Christmas_Decorating_on_a_BudgetChristmas_Decorating_on_a_BudgetChristmas_Decorating_on_a_BudgetChristmas_Decorating_on_a_BudgetHere’s the rundown on these decorations…
-TV Garland: $10 (and check out my partial library. Ayeee!)
-Snow globe: $1
-Poinsettia: $4
-Santa hat door hanger: $1
-Double bell door hanger: $3

So my friends, that brings the grand total of my Christmas decorations to $49! Money well spent because I love the holiday feel and the atmosphere is so cozy with these lights instead of using those in my ceiling. Here’s the breakdown of where each item came from…

TV Garland: Big Lots
Real poinsettia: Aldi (yeah, I was surprised too!)
Artificial poinsettia, snow globe, Santa door hanger, jingle bell strands: Dollar Tree
Mardi gras beads, plaid bows, mantel garland, bell door hanger, bow topper, place mats: Wal-mart

I love turning a house into a home and decor is just one way to do it.

Have you decorated your home for the holidays yet? What are some traditions that have been started in your family?

Until next time…


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