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De-Stress with a Coloring Book

I’m not ashamed to say that deep down I’m still a big kid. Maybe that’s why children are so drawn to me. I loved coloring as a child and trying different techniques and effects with patterns. I never really outgrew the past time, I guess just got older and it was no longer the norm for an adult to use a coloring book.

I won’t lie – I thought about buying one and just using it to pass time and relieve stress. But every coloring book had some overrated animated character as the theme. Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty and Ninja Turtles aren’t exactly what I want to use. But then…

I started hearing people talking about adult coloring books. Do those things even work? I’m not one who likes to online shop a lot unless doing so saves me money. I usually want what I want when I want it and that means no patience for shipping. I wasn’t sold on the idea that using an adult coloring book would actually help with stress.

But over the weekend I went to good ole Five Below and what did they have? Everything of course, but yup coloring books for grown ups! I gave in and got one along with coloring pencils! Time to see if these things really work.


I colored in the book for four hours over the span of a few days. It did make me feel more relaxed and time flew right on by. When I was coloring my mind was solely focused on that act alone. Which colors would look good together? How can I blend these shades? Would smudging make a better technique? Don’t go outside the lines! My problems were far away from me.


The first thing I’ve colored in years…


I think I can really make this one pop!



I’ve read that adult coloring can help with patients suffering from PTSD and Dementia. Clinically, coloring is not proven to be a treatment for stress. It’s more about unwinding and clearing your head. So it might work for disconnecting from everyday stressors like a work commute.

For $5 or less, it definitely won’t hurt to try it!

Have you tried coloring as a way to relax recently? If not, are you open to it?

Until next time…


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