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Spring Home Refresh

This coming Monday will be the official first day of Spring! Maybe it feels like it where you live. But in ATL it’s still cold and rainy – not cool Mother Nature, not cool at all! First we lose an hour, now this?! OK, I digress…

Now would be a good time to get into spring cleaning mode. I take pride in creating a lovely atmosphere at home! In case you do too, I’ve made a list of easy things you can do to refresh your space. Save it in your phone or print it out and stick it to the fridge and check each thing off as you go!

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We Aren’t Home Right Now…

But I am elated that you decided to come by anyway!

I’m Candace McGee, creator of this newborn blog. The Quirk Life is a personal lifestyle blog where we can be our awkward self on our own terms. Fully and unapologetically. I hope to connect with other people who stick out like sore thumbs!  We’re going to have oodles of fun here and I look forward to building lasting connections online and face to face.

In the meantime, leave a comment. Say hi. Tell me some topics that interest you. Ask me questions. Yup, let’s get those connections going right now!