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5 Things About Online Dating

I always said I’d never do the online dating thing. I didn’t think it was a “bad” idea and I know of many success stories. I just felt like it wasn’t for me. I’m a vibrant 20 something year old not a 45 year old divorced mom. No shade. Point being that I actually have time to go out and be social. I can meet a man myself if I want. I don’t need a website to do that for me. Continue Reading

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10 Things More Important than Choosing a Sexual Partner

When I chose to give my virginity away it was a no brainer for me. I had a boyfriend and I was in (puppy) love with him. You couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t going to marry this boy and have all his babies. So naturally I chose him to be my “first.” I was aware of abstinence but no one put pressure on me to wait until marriage or a certain point in my life before having sex.

Of course I’m not with the boy anymore but giving him my virginity isn’t something that I regret. Times have changed a lot and women are able to be free with their bodies and not get ridiculed about it as much (tattoos, piercings, tight clothes, fishnet tights, thongs – you get it). Some young girls and women still feel the pressure of not having sex until marriage or some other pivotal point in their lives. This is especially true for people who come from a religious family. The argument is “there’s more to you than what’s between your legs. Let a man appreciate your totality as a person. Make him respect you.”

I know they mean well. But this can be a bit counteractive, don’t you think? They say she’s SOOO much more than her genitals and body but that’s what keeps getting drilled in her head. Speaking from personal experience, here are some things that are much more difficult to choose than a sexual partner. Continue Reading

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Why I Don’t Talk About My Love Life Online

It’s not just online but period. I don’t talk about my love life to anyone except my best friend. I’m just not that person. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t see a problem with sharing a post about your boo on your page, video or blog. It’s just not my thing right now. Even when people come straight out and ask me about my romantic life, it’s rare that I give them the answer they’re looking for. Here’s why I don’t talk about my love life online. Continue Reading

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Dating vs. a Relationship

It’s that time – Valentine’s Day is coming up and you can’t avoid it, advertisements are everywhere! Lately there’s been a great resurgence on my timeline of memes about heartbreak. You know the ones. They go something like this…


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And then they get even more somber. He cheated, he pretended that he cared when he really didn’t, he didn’t know “how” to love her. It’s usually the same folks that post these kinds of things and we all notice the patterns.

“Relationships” is such a touchy subject. Us women people get so emotional at times when it can sometimes be very simple. And it seems that one of the simple overlooked things is thinking you’re in a relationship when you really aren’t. Continue Reading

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Winter “Date Night” Ideas

Heyyy love birds! Yesterday was officially the first day of Winter – already. OMG 2016 is basically here and I’m not ready!

Okay, enough whining…

I gave you Summer Date Night Ideas earlier this year and it was a hit! Well, here we go again. Winter gets it bad. Everyone is all excited for Fall: dark lippies, layers and PSL’s – oh my! But then we just want to spring into Spring. Ha, see what I did there? But there’s still plenty to do during this time of the year, especially if you live in a well populated area. Don’t let your sizzle fizzle (I’m on a roll here) just because it’s cold out. Continue Reading

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Making Friends in a New City

Speaking from experience, relocating is a lot of work! When bogged down with all the logistics of moving, you might forget a very important piece of the journey – your social life. Contrary to popular belief, I’m an introvert. But I can be very social, so it’s not hard for me to make friends. If it’s a little harder for you, here are some ways to do it: Continue Reading

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Thanksgiving Dinner for One

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Well, that was fast. As you may know, I moved into my GA apartment last week. So this will be the first time that I’m not enjoying the holiday in the midst of my family members and friends. I have conflicting emotions about this! I’m sure I’ll miss my family tomorrow, but it’s empowering in a way to be all on my own and starting my own traditions in my new home. Continue Reading

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Why It’s Good to be Single at a Wedding

I’ve read many blogs about why it sucks to be single during wedding season. Oh, but today’s post is on the contrary! Being single at weddings comes with perks of its own.

You don’t have to deal with that awkward “are you two next?” conversation. What if you’ve only been dating for a couple of months? What if you two aren’t dating at all and they just came to make you look good? No one knows or cares. You’ll be questioned anyway. Continue Reading