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De-Stress with a Coloring Book

I’m not ashamed to say that deep down I’m still a big kid. Maybe that’s why children are so drawn to me. I loved coloring as a child and trying different techniques and effects with patterns. I never really outgrew the past time, I guess just got older and it was no longer the norm for an adult to use a coloring book.

I won’t lie – I thought about buying one and just using it to pass time and relieve stress. But every coloring book had some overrated animated character as the theme. Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty and Ninja Turtles aren’t exactly what I want to use. But then… Continue Reading

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How to Lay Your Blogging Foundation: Free Download!

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people who want to start a blog. You have an idea, but what’s next? There’s so much information online that it can be difficult to filter through exactly what you need. I considered blogging for about a year before I actually faced the fear and just got it done. A lot of good opportunities have come to me since doing so!

Along the way I found out that no one can tell me exactly how to run my blog. But today I want to share some tips that would work for anyone in the beginning phases of blogging. Heads up, #2 comes in handy when life is just super crazy and you can’t think of what to post! Continue Reading

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Why You Need a Pasta Pot

I’ve cooked more in the past four months than I have my whole adult life. Growing up, and even as a woman, my mom and grandma tried instilling in me how important it was for a woman to know how to cook. Eh, wasn’t my thing. But I started to fall in love with the kitchen last year. It happened organically and in my own way. Sine then I’ve learned of gadgets like the salad spinner – got one, not crazy about it. Seriously, send me your address, you can have it. I only used it once. Continue Reading

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Love or Hate: Ms. Tiara Dean Product Review

Ladies, we all know that creating a flawless hairstyle takes a bit of work. My natural hair journey has been full of struggles, but one thing I’ve learned is that your styling products can make all the difference.

Today I’m presenting you Ms. Tiara Dean products. They sent me some samples of their whipped hair and body butters to try out. And ladies, you know how we spread the good word when we really like something (and even when we don’t)! Continue Reading

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Why Starbucks is SO Addicting

I’m not here to talk about this Starbucks cup war shenanigans. No soap box for me today. I’ve honestly been addicted to the place as of late and I couldn’t pinpoint why. It usually comes in spurts but this time my daily visits are hanging around. So while everyone is arguing about their views on the red cup, I’m sorting out why I can’t stop giving them my friggin’ money. Here’s what I came up with. Continue Reading

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Mini Beauty Haul

Confession: this is a “mini” beauty haul because I bought so much more than this.

I went to JCPenny for two reasons & two reasons ONLY.

1 – to visit my cousin  who was working there that day
2 – to replace ONE Sephora’s lipstick.

What do you think happened when I got in the JCPenny? Continue Reading

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The Body Shop Collaboration

Who doesn’t like to smell good? Exactly, nobody! I’ve been needing to stock up on some new scents but kept putting that off (nothing new there!).

And then something wonderful happened! I received an invitation to partner with It’s My Hair! Magazine and The Body Shop at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. The store was celebrating their grand reopening on Saturday and the place looked great. And they had perfect selfie lighting throughout the store so everyone took plenty of pics. Continue Reading


Love or Hate: elago Worklight Review

Today’s post is sponsored by elago, a professional design company offering simple products with clean designs.

I’m always on the lookout for products that improve my life in some way. So when I came across this computer light I just knew I had to try it. It’s 20 in. long and just “feels” like the perfect length for laptops.

The USB light has 10 LED bulbs, providing great illumination for keyboards that aren’t backlit. It’ll definitely come in handy if you’re on a traveling after sundown or if you share a room with someone and need to work after bedtime. Continue Reading