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10 Things More Important than Choosing a Sexual Partner

When I chose to give my virginity away it was a no brainer for me. I had a boyfriend and I was in (puppy) love with him. You couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t going to marry this boy and have all his babies. So naturally I chose him to be my “first.” I was aware of abstinence but no one put pressure on me to wait until marriage or a certain point in my life before having sex.

Of course I’m not with the boy anymore but giving him my virginity isn’t something that I regret. Times have changed a lot and women are able to be free with their bodies and not get ridiculed about it as much (tattoos, piercings, tight clothes, fishnet tights, thongs – you get it). Some young girls and women still feel the pressure of not having sex until marriage or some other pivotal point in their lives. This is especially true for people who come from a religious family. The argument is “there’s more to you than what’s between your legs. Let a man appreciate your totality as a person. Make him respect you.”

I know they mean well. But this can be a bit counteractive, don’t you think? They say she’s SOOO much more than her genitals and body but that’s what keeps getting drilled in her head. Speaking from personal experience, here are some things that are much more difficult to choose than a sexual partner. Continue Reading

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De-Stress with a Coloring Book

I’m not ashamed to say that deep down I’m still a big kid. Maybe that’s why children are so drawn to me. I loved coloring as a child and trying different techniques and effects with patterns. I never really outgrew the past time, I guess just got older and it was no longer the norm for an adult to use a coloring book.

I won’t lie – I thought about buying one and just using it to pass time and relieve stress. But every coloring book had some overrated animated character as the theme. Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty and Ninja Turtles aren’t exactly what I want to use. But then… Continue Reading

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Planning the Perfect Surprise Party

What’s more fun than a surprise party? Two years ago I put one together for my mom whose birthday is June 25th. It wasn’t easy to keep it all under wraps and in the end she suspected there would be some kind of gathering for her. Still it was fun! Party planning period can be stressful but if you’re trying to surprise someone this rings even more true! Here are some things that helped me pull off her party successfully. Continue Reading


Father’s Day is Not for Single Mothers

It’s not to honor women period.

Sorry not sorry.

Let me go ahead and lay out my parental situation. My mom is a single mother to 3 boys. I’m the only child my parents had together before they split. My father has always been in my life consistently in money and time. Even though my mom raised my brothers without consistent help from their dad I still don’t wish her a happy Father’s Day.

Because she isn’t a father and she never will be. Father’s Day is not for single mothers. Continue Reading

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Dreams: Do They Mean Anything?

Anyone else dream a lot throughout the night?

When I dream, everything is in full color and very vivid. When I wake up my heart is usually racing – because of course I can’t have some chill dream like suntanning on the beach with Derek Morgan. Sometimes when I wake up from a dream if I fall back asleep too soon the dream will continue. And depending on the dream that can be a frightening thing!

I’ve had people tell me that my dreams mean nothing; that they came from a movie I watched or something I ate.

I disagree. Continue Reading

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10 Most Recent Camera Roll Pics

We all know that you can learn a lot about a person by looking through their internet browser history (note to self: update will with specific instructions about this).

Anyway, another method to see into a person is to go through their camera roll. Phones are generally password protected and therefore can carry a lot of insight of a person’s mental. I gave you a glimpse into my thoughts before, but here are my 10 most recent camera photos. Continue Reading


That Time I Almost Lost My Life

FYI: this post contains photos that some may consider graphic. You’ve been warned.

Whew this one stirs up some emotions…

Two years ago I was excited about going to my boyfriend’s house because I was surprising him with a polo shirt and pair of shoes. I was as happy as I can be that day, playing music and singing my heart out like I normally do when I’m in my car alone. I was almost there, about 5 minutes away and then… Continue Reading


DIY 3D Flower Art

Wow, it’s been been almost six months since I moved to GA and signed the lease on my lovely apartment. One problem though. My walls have been bare! No photos, no art…just paint. I really didn’t want to spend a small fortune trying to decorate the place. And then all of a sudden my internal creative awakened from her deep slumber. I got on Pinterest and started searching! Continue Reading


April 2016 Goals

I actually completed my goals for March, woo hoo! Now it’s time to set the bar a little higher.

More collaborations. I’ve had some great opportunities to use my writing in partnership with brands and publications. There are more in the works right now, but no juicy details until everything has been finalized. I’m all about mutual partnerships. If there’s a way for everyone to win, let’s do it!

Make an extra $600. It’s not a whole lot of money but it’s a start. I have debts to get rid of and I’m willing to go into overdrive this month to help make it happen. There won’t be much time for fun. But sacrifices pay off!

Find a nice set of bar stools. Instead of getting a dining room set I decided to make my breakfast bar the sole eating area. The only problem is I STILL haven’t found any affordable stools that I like. As of now I’m still eating on my couch or at my desk. The search continues…

Write my book ending. I’ve been working on a particular novel for quite some time and it’s about time to close the story out. I’ve found it challenging to close out something that’s been a part of me for so long but I’m going to do it!

Well there you have it.

Do you have any big plans this month? Do you find it challenging to come up with a realistic plan of action?

Until next time…