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4 Reasons You Should Write a Book

It’s become easier than ever to publish a book. Now authors have the ability to release their literary gold without the overhead of a company. Self publishing has put the dream of completing a book in reach for just about everyone. I know a few people who want to write a book but haven’t gotten around to it because – well, life happens. Are you one of those people? Let me give you some motivation!

Here are 4 reasons why you need to go ahead and write that book! Continue Reading

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I bet you didn’t know that I was writing a book, did you? Well if you follow me on Instagram, maybe you did.

I won’t even say how long I’ve been working on it, because I’m embarrassed. Yup, it’s been that long.

Cue National Novel Writing Month or #NaNoWriMo for short.
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My Online Community Service!

Today I’m doing community service here at The Quirk Life. I have to! Because all over my social networking timelines, sentences are being butchered. Deep captions are losing their effects. Why, you ask? Because of poor grammar! So I’ve made a list of a few (there are so many!) common misuses that I see frequently and put them in  a photo. That way you can save it and reference it each time you write a post or caption. Continue Reading


6 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Looking for a job is a job. Believe me, I know. You spend hours applying to so many vacancies that you lose count. It’s now graduation season and many will be preparing to begin an exciting new career. So here is my contribution to your success. I’m going to give you 6 things to avoid on your resume, making it more effective. If you’re going to spend half days looking for a job, you need a winning resume that pays off by getting you noticed. Continue Reading


5 Things You’re Saying All Wrong

I’ve been guilty. You’ve been guilty. We hear someone spit out a popular saying and we gravitate to it. We start using that same quote, our friends and family catch on to it and before you know it – everybody and their momma is going around saying the same thing. But I’ve noticed something. Everybody and their momma is loud and wrong. So I have compiled a short list of five common sayings, quotes and scriptures that people all around me are misquoting. Continue Reading