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6 Things to Do in Your First 6 Months of Blogging

When I started blogging I assumed that there were certain things that I either didn’t need to do or couldn’t do because my site was new. Through experiences and courses from my blogging mentor I know that The Quirk Life could’ve been successful much sooner. We live and we learn, right? One beautiful thing about the blogging world is that there are several ways that you can succeed in it. So if you’re thinking that you have to wait until you get a ton of experience before you can hit certain milestones with your blog, I’m here to encourage you to get started – TODAY. Here are 6 things that you need to do within 6 months of launching your blog. Continue Reading


Balancing Your Blog with a Day Job

If you’re a blogger or aspiring to become one, you might have a particular glory day in mind. It’s that moment when you walk out of your day job, free to focus on your blog full time because it’s bringing in enough money to support your lifestyle. Ah, a glorious day indeed!

A lot of bloggers have this dream. It looks like a glamorous life. Publishing blog posts, meeting up with other bloggers for lunch, traveling, having thousands of followers and hosting webinars. When you post a pic of your dog on IG it gets 10K likes – that’s big time influencer status right there!

Are you there yet? If not, let’s raise out hands in unison. Let me be clear, it is possible to be a full time blogger without the dramatics above. And I fully understand that not everyone wants to be a full time blogger. Until you get to full time status, however, you’re likely juggling running your blog while working a day job. It’s a hard fact that good blogging requires a lot of your time.  To run a blog while working another gig takes much discipline. Here are some tips to help you with the juggling act.

Continue Reading


5 Questions Before Starting a Blog

Lately I’ve been getting questions from people who are interested in starting a blog. Woo hoo! Of course I’m totally supportive of anyone who wants to do this because – hello, I’m a blogger! Realistically though, blogging isn’t for everyone. You may start out with great intentions and then lose that wind beneath your wings if you’re not really passionate about doing this. If you are, you can find the 5 things you need to lay your blogging foundation here. To go along with that download, here are 5 questions you’ll need to answer before launching a blog. Continue Reading


Survey Time!

Hello there friends! I started The Quirk Life as a hobby without a lot of clear direction. My images were terrible, my branding was inconsistent and I didn’t even have social media pages for it. What in the world was I doing?!

Anyway, my little corner of the world wide web has grown into more than I thought it’d be in such a short time. As it continues to grow I want to know what you think! With each blog post you read you’re letting me be a part of your life and it means a ton to me. So I’ve created a survey for you to tell me exactly how you feel about this here blog. I want to continue creating content that you care about!

-Only 7 questions
-Click to answer (you don’t have to type out anything)
-Completely anonymous
-Takes less than 10 minutes to complete

Want to help me out? GREAT! The survey is just below!

Create your own user feedback survey

Thank you so much for participating! The survey will run until Friday and I can’t wait to get all the results and share them with you. This should be interesting.

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Blog Birthday & Giveaway!

The Quirk Life is one year old. Wow!

I remember when I started thinking about doing this. I needed my own platform. I’d written for businesses and magazines but the process was starting to exhaust me. I always had so much to share but was boxed into a certain writing style or topic when writing for other people. I’d had enough. Continue Reading

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Rainbeau Curves Partnership

I’m so excited to announce my new partnership with Rainbeau Curves!

If you aren’t familiar with them check out their site. They sell durable yet cute workout gear for us thick women. That’s their top I’m wearing in the photo :-.D They heavily promote body positivity which I’m definitely all about.

I’ll be writing blog posts for them over the next few months and the first one goes live in a week. Eek!

What’s your favorite brand for workout clothes?

Until next time…


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How to Lay Your Blogging Foundation: Free Download!

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people who want to start a blog. You have an idea, but what’s next? There’s so much information online that it can be difficult to filter through exactly what you need. I considered blogging for about a year before I actually faced the fear and just got it done. A lot of good opportunities have come to me since doing so!

Along the way I found out that no one can tell me exactly how to run my blog. But today I want to share some tips that would work for anyone in the beginning phases of blogging. Heads up, #2 comes in handy when life is just super crazy and you can’t think of what to post! Continue Reading