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Why Plus Sized Women ROCK!

Yup, those are my thick thighs and fat feet in the photo. And?

Body shaming – people still do that? Good thing we don’t care. It’s taken society way too long to realize that our bodies are pretty amazing. Really, what was the hold up? There are so many reasons why we R-O-C-K! Continue Reading

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Blog Birthday & Giveaway!

The Quirk Life is one year old. Wow!

I remember when I started thinking about doing this. I needed my own platform. I’d written for businesses and magazines but the process was starting to exhaust me. I always had so much to share but was boxed into a certain writing style or topic when writing for other people. I’d had enough. Continue Reading

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Why Homebodies Are Winning

I used to go out all the time in my early 20’s. Seriously ALL THE TIME. Hang out all night and still be at work by 8 AM – not a problem at all. Drive 3 hours just to party with my friends at their college – no biggie. I didn’t even buy groceries because I was on the go so much. Looking back on it I couldn’t even imagine living that way now. I never cared about the domestic side of life. Cook and clean? That was for my grandmother’s generation. I wanted to travel, dance, build memories with my friends, play in my makeup, get tattoos and get pierced. Glad I got all that out of my system!

Today I’m proud to be a homebody. I know we’re given the side eye a lot but let me just clarify that “homebody” doesn’t mean “boring.” We’re winning and here’s why… Continue Reading

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A Night with Janis Joplin

There I was minding my own business looking for comforter sets and Brazilian wax coupons when it popped up…

A Groupon deal to a Janis Joplin show at the Fox Theater. Whoa! I got so excited. Say whaaat, you didn’t know I loved me some Janis? I do! The first song I heard by her was Mercedes Benz. I was fresh out of high school and getting paid to transfer some music between devices for a CEO I knew. I was so focused on the job itself but at one moment it dawned on me to actually listen to some of the music. And that’s when I heard that husky voice and I was blown away. A white girl who could sing it all. Continue Reading

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Weekend Pick Me Ups

Friday is generally looked at as a good day. The weekend has arrived! But for some people the stress of life doesn’t stop on a particular day of the week. If you could use a pick me up this weekend or anytime here are some ways to get it. Continue Reading

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24 Hours in My Brain

Crazy. Narcissistic. Bubbly. Intelligent. Random. Confident. These are a few words that people have used to describe me. YIKES! I’ve also been told that I can be difficult to read so today I’m letting you inside my brain. I’m going to give you a peek into my thoughts over the last 24 hours. Continue Reading

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Influential Women I Want to Meet

March is National Women’s Month and of course that makes me smile. I’m not the type that goes gaga over meeting any celebrities (except Amy Winehouse, but she died soooo, back to my original statement). But there are a few women that I’d love to meet and hang out with for a weekend. Continue Reading

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I’m Listening

I have to thank you again and again for letting me touch your life through this little blog. It’s great to be able to connect with so many people and businesses from all over.

However, today is about you! I’ve been getting questions about a few different topics and I’m working on blog posts to answer them. In the meantime I want to encourage you to keep sending questions. It can be about anything. If I have an answer you’ll get it!

I mentioned before that this blog isn’t all about me. You play an important role and this is a community. Feel free to drop questions in the comments below or email me.

Until next time…