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Awkward Moments We’ve All Faced

Uncomfortable moments are my life. There’s really no way around it and I know I’m not alone. Unless you live in a bubble here are 7 awkward moments you’ve probably experienced.

The store stalker. You’re walking around the grocery store minding your own business shopping just as happy as can be. You spot someone as you pick up a bunch of bananas. Then you keep on going to the cereal aisle and there they are again. This time you smile just to be polite and then head to the frozen foods section. And…yup you guessed it – that same person is there. Do we literally have the same shopping list? Are you following me? Wait – am I following you? Alright I’m confused now guess I’d better just head to the register.

The long hallway. You know this one very well. You’re at one end of a hallway and walking towards the other end. It’s a pretty long stretch so along the way you spot someone coming from the opposite end. As you two keep walking  towards each other you start to wonder…do I look straight ahead? Should I make eye contact? Do I wave or say hello?

Locked up. When the police were called because you got locked inside of Best Buy after they closed. No? Maybe that one was just me. Oh ok carry on then.

Declined. “I’m sorry, your card was declined do you have another method of payment?” How embarrassing is this?! Especially when you’re holding up a line and you KNOW the money is in your account. Pride says try to swipe the card again. Declined again. The cashier physically types in your card information next and…DECLINED. Dear bank I appreciate that you’re stopping my purchase because you think it could be fraud but I promise it’s really me!

The stall next door. You don’t like to poop in public but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. You get the toilet lined nice and neat – in the last stall might I add. Suddenly someone walks into the restroom and of allllllll the stalls this person chooses the one right next to you. Uncomfortable much? Fellas I imagine this is a small piece of what you feel when another man “goes” in the urinal right next to you…?

A blast from the past. “Hey, Candace! How have you been? This is my girlfriend Jane” This would be your ex speaking. This might not be so awkward if you didn’t run into him at a restaurant you used to always eat at together, or at a theater you got frisky in or if he wasn’t just in your DM trying to take you out as a “friend.” And just so we’re clear – as far as I’m concerned her name isn’t Jane, it’s downgrade. Moving on…

Whoever smelt it dealt it. You already know what that means! When someone walks up right after you cut the cheese, pass gas, break wind or whatever other fancy way you like to say fart (my preferred word even though grandma hates it). Just blame it on the dog or the salad you just had. But don’t bring it up first because it’s a dead giveaway that you dealt it duh!

Don’t get it twisted we’re all still super mature dignified adults. Don’t worry I won’t look at you any differently if you dealt it. Sometimes the best thing to do is laugh at yourself any carry on!

How many of these scenarios have you been in?

Until next time…


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  • Reply Lexi September 3, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    Haha, I laughed out loud at these. Every single one is true—I LOVE the long hallway one. Try not to make eye contact, but you’re totally walking toward each other.

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’

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