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Apply Now: 4 Productivity Tips

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to maximize your time. I did a similar post previously & it proved helpful. So I decided to post a part two. Here are four productivity tips that you might need to apply right now.

  1. Don’t multitask. It’s a common belief that multitasking is a way to progress in more than one area simultaneously. I used to believe the same, calling myself a “master multitasker.” Oh, but I’ve been enlightened! When you focus on more than one thing at the same time you aren’t giving either task 100%. There’s not much good in that. Focus on one thing to completion or a good stopping point before putting your energy elsewhere.
  2. Organize emails. I get quite a few emails & going through them one by one in my main inbox is not a good use of time. A better technique is to separate emails into folders like “work” or “personal.” You can further create folders like “urgent” & “time sensitive”  if it’s helpful. Set a predetermined chunk of time to go through these emails.
  3. Perform similar tasks together. You’re likely to get more done if you separate your to do list into groups. For example, do all of your research at once, schedule all of your conference calls on the same day, take one day to catch up on your favorite shows (yes I know TV isn’t productive but we all need some down time to keep from going insane!). This minimizes bouncing back & forth between tasks and burning yourself out.
  4. Get a good breakfast. It’s unfortunate that people don’t eat breakfast because they’re “too busy.” A morning meal packed with protein & whole grains will keep you full and focused for hours. My current fave – boiled eggs, veggie sausage & whole wheat toast topped with olive oil, fresh avocado & sea salt.

What practices helps you to remain productive? Have you tried any of these?

Until next week…
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