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6 Ways to Self Sabotage

Confession: I used to self sabotage A LOT. There were times that I was aware of what I was doing, but other times I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong. Isn’t it crazy how we can form unhealthy habits without even realizing how much we;’re hurting ourselves. Here are some ways that you may be working against yourself.

-The #teamnosleep mentality. Just cut it out, seriously. Adequate sleep is necessary for many things like memory retention and tissue repair. On the simplest level, you need sleep so you don’t pass out from exhaustion. This no sleep trend probably started with Diddy during his Making the Band series. Two things…

  1. You are not Diddy (unless he really happens to be reading this. In that case, heyyy boo!)
  2. Diddy lied, he sleeps at some point too, don’t believe the hype

Seriously, #teamnosleep isn’t something to glorify. If you aren’t getting rest, you might need to speak with a doctor because it will catch up to you and it won’t be pretty when it does.

-Comparison. If you say you never struggle with this, I’ll call your bluff. Everyone’s journey in business and life is different and comparing your current place to someone else who seems to be doing better than you is unhealthy and robs you of seeing the beauty and learning experiences in your own struggle.

-Trying to do it all. Sometimes, you just have to say “no,” even to yourself. You’ll overwhelm yourself very quickly by taking on too much at one time.

-Being unorganized. No, you don’t have to have trays and laminated labels for everything, but there should be some order to your environment. As I work throughout the day, my desk gets more and more messy. But I always pause and get some organization to my space. This goes for our office, bedroom, your finances, everything!

-Unhealthy eating and snacking. Am I sounding like a broken record yet? I fall off the bandwagon from time to time, but I can tell you from experience that there’s a difference in how you feel when you regularly eat junk food compared to healthier ones. When you eat a diet with balanced nutrition you will have the energy and focus you need to get things done.

-Not surrounding yourself with quality people. “I’m a loner, I’m anti social, I’m independent.” Could it be that you’re scared to open up to people? Maybe you’re afraid that people will judge you when you show a teeny sign of vulnerability? It can be a calculated risk, but one worth taking. Walking through this crazy life all alone isn’t healthy.

Do you have any bad habits that you need to break in order for you to be more successful?

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