6 Ways to Add Excitement to Your Novel

I’m not just an editor. I’m a writer first, always. I’ve been penning books since middle school and one of my goals for 2017 is to completely finish the novel that I’m working on now. I’ve read and edited many books that start off strong and then get boring AF in the middle of the story. This is why some publishers and editors will initially ask you to send chapters from the middle of your book when they’re considering taking you on as a client. We call this the Messy Middle. It actually gives us great insight!

When your novel loses momentum…don’t worry! Here are some ways to get it back…


Have you ever been content with your life to the point that everything feels like auto pilot hum drum? Then in walks a new interesting friend or love interest that adds some spice to your world? Me too! Why not do the same thing with your book? A new character can bring a new dimension to a story. They’ll come with their own set of challenges, triumphs and things to contribute. This is a strategic move and there’s much to consider before doing it. Need help? Email me.


All scenes of your book don’t have to unfold in the kind of places that we’re all used to. Houses, coffee shops, work…*yawn*. What about a warehouse or a nudist colony? OK maybe the last one is too extreme for your book but the point here is to take into consideration all that a setting can bring to a particular scene. When chosen carefully it can evoke things in your reader like nostalgia and relaxation.


Do any of your characters have a secret? If not, maybe they should. One secret can control the lives of many people. A secret will affect the decisions that your character(s) have to make throughout the book. Who doesn’t love some good tea anyway?! Go ahead, add the drama!


Do all of your characters have traditional jobs? Just imagine for a few moments that one of them were, say, a traveling Wiccan demon slayer. That occupation alone produces opportunity for conflict, super natural incidents and maybe even…miracles. Hey – it actually sounds interesting now that I’m sitting here thinking about it! But it depends on who’s writing the story *wink*. Envision the direction your plot can take based on this often overlooked change.


Sunny and 70 is pleasant. But pleasant isn’t always ideal for a dramatic scene. Think of how you feel when there’s an overcast with drizzle outside. Melancholy, contemplative, sleepy. The same moods can be induced through your character(s).


What is your reader is the type to always correctly what happens in a story (me AF!)? This reader thinks they have your book all figured out and then…plot twist! I remember when I first found out what the so called “secret” was behind the insanely popular Victoria’s Secret. The founder of a women’s intimate wear, clothing and perfume store was a man! Talk about a plot twist! I was barely a teenager when I found out and was like “wow!” Similarly, you can shock your readers just the same – in a good way.

Of course these ideas are subjective and may not be appropriate for your particular book. Adding excitement to a piece of work should be thought through because it can have lasting implications on the rest of the story. If you need creative direction or editing to help bring out the best in your book, email me! Go here to read a bit more about what I do and how I’ve helped some of my amazing clients.

Are you currently working on a book? Do you think any of these ideas would bring and life to your story?

Until next time…

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