6 Things I’ve Learned Since Dating in Atlanta

When I first moved to Atlanta over a year ago, I made the decision not to date. I didn’t entertain anyone at all for the first 7 months because I had some personal issues to sort through. Fast forward to the present…

I’ve been dating for some time now and ever since I started, I’ve had at least 239 “WTF” moments. I’m no dating guru. I’m one of those chicks that’s either with you or I’m not. Hot or cold. Lukewarm – what’s that?! But I thought to give it a shot and see just what would happen. See what’s out there and enjoy what’s left of my 20’s. Here’s what I can tell you…

  1. “I’m looking for my wife. This seems to be the southern man’s go to pickup line. I’ve had too many say that they’re ready to get married and start a family only for me to discover they aren’t even ready for a relationship. NEWSFLASH: women no longer cool themselves with handheld paper fans waiting for you to ride in on your Clydesdale to rescue us from life. This is not what we all want to hear.
  2. They’re gender skeptics. I get it. Really I do. The down low population and trans community is heavy especially in metro areas. But for this to be your first message to me….sheesh! Well I guess there’s really no “right” time to ask. *shrug*Plenty_of_Fish_POF
  3. Gentleman do still exist. I never doubted this but it’s good to see it still in action. Insisting to pay, picking me up for dates, opening doors. Even independent gals like to be courted.
  4. Idris Elba is everywhere! OK maybe not exactly. But there are a lot of folks here from the UK. The men I’ve met were either here to further their music or medical careers. I mean, Atlanta is considered Black Hollywood now…
  5. Widespread hygiene concerns. Online and in person I’ve seen/heard too many men in ATL say they want a woman with good hygiene. It’s really unfortunate that this is a consensus. When I think of intimate odors, disease becomes a possibility. And people are sometimes shocked at my sexual hiatuses. This is one reason why.
  6. They love the piggies. Almost every man that I’ve met in ATL has some level of a foot fetish. Maybe it’s because the weather is nice here all year around? I had a man give me a foot massage on the first date and offer to pay for my next pedicure. Who’s the real weirdo here? Him for being so forward or me for allowing and liking it?

Overall, dating here isn’t such a bad experience. But this is the first time I’ve ever really made a decision to see what’s out there – I’ve always focused more on myself than a relationship. So the process is fun for now and we’ll just have to wait to see what happens.

What lessons have you learned while dating? Do you think it’s better to be single or in a relationship in your 20’s?

Until next time…



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