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5 Things About Online Dating

I always said I’d never do the online dating thing. I didn’t think it was a “bad” idea and I know of many success stories. I just felt like it wasn’t for me. I’m a vibrant 20 something year old not a 45 year old divorced mom. No shade. Point being that I actually have time to go out and be social. I can meet a man myself if I want. I don’t need a website to do that for me.

But two people in two separate conversations in less than a week told me that I should try the online dating crap. I went ahead and did it because I was bored AF. You know I’m cheap – err, frugal. So I wasn’t about to sign up with a paid subscription service. I got on a free platform and the notifications came rolling in like a tidal wave!

“This is the most interaction I’ve had with the opposite sex in a long time!” I told my cousin.

It turned out to be a good experience for me. If you’re still stuck in the 20th century like I was, here are some tips in case you want to try online dating.

  1. Kissy kiss Mr. Frog
    Eh, gross right? There are different variations of this old folk tale but the modern day twist is that us ladies must kiss a few of the wrong men (frogs) before we find the right man (Prince Charming). Don’t take this so literally! Just keep in mind that while there might be a lot of the “wrong” people out there, you might just get lucky enough to connect with someone worth your time.
  2. It’s ok to reach out first
    This is true I don’t care what anyone says! I used to be all like “I observe, I don’t chase” (shout out to my girl Amy Winehouse). I still don’t chase per se but I’m confident enough to go after the things…or people that I want. Don’t take this one too much out of context either please! I’m just saying if you see someone you like it’s ok to send a message.
  3. Remember the non-negotiables
    If you’re the type to get googly eyed over every good looking photo you see then this piece of advice is just for you. It might be easy to get caught in the excitement of alllll the possibilities but unless you want meaningless flings, keep it objective. What are the qualities that you’re looking for and the ones you aren’t? Keep them in mind as you go along. Oh – and do this even if you’re dating without the online element.
  4. Angles & filters matter
    Everyone knows that us girls use angles and filters to “enhance” ourselves in photos. Please don’t think they guys don’t do the same! And that’s all I’ll say about that!
  5. Don’t believe everything you read
    “Athletic” body type?
    “Live alone”?
    “No children”?
    Maybe these things were true at one point and then life happened and this person hasn’t updated their profile to say “A few extra pounds,” “living with my momma” and “baby on the way…but we not together though.”

Dating these days can be a challenge but using these pointers might help save you some time a BS while you’re out there feeling your way around.

Have you tried online dating? If so, how did things turn out?

Until next time…


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  • Reply Bella August 13, 2016 at 3:39 am

    I love these tips! I think the deal breakers (#3) is so key because you can’t just focus on the outside and accept that they’re a smoker or a nonbeliever if you are a believer. Somethings you definitely gotta keep objective about.

    You crack me up about guys using filters! They sure do and they think we won’t notice haha.

    • Reply Candace McGee August 15, 2016 at 10:32 am

      Right! #3 was always in the front of my mind. I scanned the profile for certain things and was quick to click off if things weren’t lining up. Same thing they do to us in person! lolol I hope you have a great week and I’ll be back on the blog to check for an update about The Marine :-.)

  • Reply Lexi August 13, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    Haha I love the “Kissy kiss Mr. Frog” concept. My dad described the same to me as, “Think of boyfriends like jobs. You are going to have some that you like a few parts of but then can’t stand the other parts. So you move on to another job that doesn’t have those bad aspects, yet it isn’t quite the right fit either. So you keep working at it, learning exactly what you want, and then you eventually find the perfect career to put your energy, passion, and dedication into.”

    I’ve never personally tried online dating, though I have friends who have had great success! I love this list, and I wish you the best of luck!


    • Reply Candace McGee August 15, 2016 at 10:34 am

      Your dad is a smart and practical man! He sounds like my dad – putting things into real life examples. As a girl sometimes I was like UGH ok dad but I appreciate it much more as a woman lol. Thanks for the well wishes Lexi!

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