5 Questions Before Starting a Blog

Lately I’ve been getting questions from people who are interested in starting a blog. Woo hoo! Of course I’m totally supportive of anyone who wants to do this because – hello, I’m a blogger! Realistically though, blogging isn’t for everyone. You may start out with great intentions and then lose that wind beneath your wings if you’re not really passionate about doing this. If you are, you can find the 5 things you need to lay your blogging foundation here. To go along with that download, here are 5 questions you’ll need to answer before launching a blog.

“Do I really have the time to do this?”
Spoiler alert: blogging will take up a bunch of your time. Are you married? Do you have children or pets to tend to? Do you travel a lot? Do you work a lot of overtime? Is your energy always zapped from a long commute? Take a look at your life and be honest about whether or not you can do this. If your time is limited but you really want to run a blog, you can hire a writer. Don’t forget you need pictures and you need to “share” so people can know to go read your blog and the list goes on and on. Also, consider your audience. They may come to depend on your posts for advice or a pick me up when they’re feeling down. You never know how something you write will touch someone’s life. If you start a blog knowing that you don’t have time to keep it going, that won’t be fair to your readers.

“What will I write about?”
You might feel really passionate about something when you first start your blog. Will you be able to keep coming up with fresh ideas about that subject? Or will you get bored and stop posting altogether? What about when your life changes?And trust me, it will. Will you be prepared to transition your blog and still be able to keep your readers interested?

“Can I afford a blog?”
Are you prepared to spend money? Sure you can get a free spot on Blogger. But I bet that every blog you respect isn’t on a free platform. Spending dollars on your blog gives you more control, less glitches and technical updates to keep everything running smoothly. You could always start on a free site and then transition to a paid one when you decide that you’re in this for the long haul.

“What will I name my blog?”
Honey you better make this count! People will either remember it or they won’t. In this free download I share how I came up with my blog’s name. After choosing a name you’ll want to check social media handles and secure them if they’re available.

“Am I a decent writer?”
Sure I’m a professional writer but you don’t have to be! Your blog is a place for you to express yourself in a way that connects with your audience. I even use slang and Ebonics here on the blog because it’s just my personality. That’s the fun thing about blogging you can do what you want with it! However, you do need to speak (type?) so that people can read easily and clearly understand your points. Run on sentences, incorrect punctuation, misspellings – all things you should be on the lookout for.

Blogging takes WORK! Time is a precious commodity that we can’t get back. So before taking the dive into the diving world, ponder on these questions. If you need help or have any questions please feel free to email me!

Do you want to start a blog? Do you think you’re ready after reading this post?

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