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4 Ways to Get the Job You Want

The process of landing a new job is enough to trigger multiple anxiety attacks. Mix that with a lack of experience (hello recent/upcoming graduates!) and you might be left wondering how you’ll ever get a job.

Of course you need to make sure that your resume is perfect! I’ve given free pointers on what to and what not to do here and here. Once you convince the recruiter on paper, the next step is to impress them in person. Here’s how to do it.

Do your research. Do NOT walk up in the place without reading up on the company. Learn the history and culture of the company. Find out about any awards they received and keep them up your sleeve as conversation starters. Find an interesting fact and bring it up during your interview. These kinds of things give the impression that you care about the company.

Ask & answer. An interview is a two way street. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the folks interviewing you. They’re looking for the right candidate but you also should be looking for a good fit. Recruiters see your questions as a plus.You’re interested in the company and open to learning more from the “veterans” of the place.

They need you. Don’t be arrogant but let your confidence show. The job market can be competitive no matter what your field is. If you make it to the interview phase there’s something that the recruiter sees in you. Be certain of what value you would being to the company because the people conducting your interview will be able to tell if you’re an asset or just someone looking for a check.

Be social. If someone walks by while you’re hanging around, speak to them. Don’t just sit around and start playing Candy Crush on your phone. Be alert at all times. I’ve been part of recruitment teams and trust me when I say we’re watching your every move. And we debrief when you leave, sometimes before you even get on the elevator.

If you’re job hunting use these tips to keep the scales tipped in your favor.

Questions about interviewing or business related stuff? Shoot me an email maybe I can help.

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