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4 Ways to be Less Selfish

Selfish: concerned chiefly or excessively with one’s own interest and advantage, especially to the point of total exclusion of the interests and welfare of others

It seems that people hate it when you call them selfish – even if they really are. So I’m not going to call you that today my friend. But you’re reading this post for a reason. Maybe you know someone who could use these tips. If so, please share it with them! Because of course YOU don’t need them at all! :-.)


Bae pointed out that I need to work on seeing things from more than just my side. This ties directly into considering what other people may be feeling. Just think about how your life experiences are different from those around you. Things that we go through shape our judgement, habits and perception. There’s not always a cut and dry right or wrong to situations when you’re dealing with people. Candace McGee your way isn’t the only way!


What is the one thing that’s hardest for you to part with? Time, food, money? Whatever it is make a conscious effort to give it away to someone today. Personally my time is precious and I’m very picky about who I share it with. So every now and then I’m intentional about moving my plans for the day to the side and using my time to support someone else.


I like to give gifts. It’s one of the ways that I show love. Some people may prefer verbal encouragement or a hug instead though. Others would just be happy with a personal visit to their home. Try to give people love in the way that makes them feel good instead of doing giving it the way that you prefer.


When you’re used to being selfish, it’s likely that when you’re asked for something the first instinct is to say “no.” Challenge yourself to just say “yes.” I’m not telling you to do this to a point of burnout. Everything in life is about balance but make the effort.

Putting your wants on the backburner for someone else will have a huge impact on the person you’re sacrificing for. Again, I know you don’t need this post for yourself but go ahead and share it to someone who might!

How do you put yourself aside to show your family, friends and Bae that you really care about them?

Until next time…


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