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4 Things Every Woman Should Have by Age 30

Remember my post about the quarter century crisis? You might say that this is a follow up to that. Because as you continue to age there are things that you just gotta have. Some things separate the women from the little girls. And once you reach woman status, there’s no going back.

Passport. If you haven’t traveled outside of the country, I have only one question. Why not? Everyone should visit different areas of the world. If money is an issue you can plan something simple like a cruise a year before the sail date and pay in increments. A passport with stamps brings a level of perceived sophistication and diversity. Plus it can come in handy for all those annoying times that you have to show identification when doing paperwork.

Power pumps. You know the ones. These are the shoes that you break out when you want to turn heads. They lean you out and lift the booty just right. They make you feel sexy. When you wear them there’s a confidence boost and you feel like you can get whoever whatever you want. If you don’t have a pair – get one!

Savings account. With money actually in it. This adds to that sophistication that I mentioned earlier. Every woman needs this, period. You should no longer have a meltdown when an emergency comes up like a car repair. Emergencies are a part of adult life and you need to be financially prepared for them. Any little bit helps, just be conscious about adding to it consistently. This is also a good look for domestic partnerships. I’m sure that no man will be against having a woman who knows how to budget and be responsible with her money.

Solid skin care regimen. Okay, I know I don’t have much room to lecture here because just got products specific for my skin type last month. But I’m not 30 yet either! Anyway – this is worth investing time and money into from head to toe. What products work for you? Which products don’t? How do you get rid of pesky pimples? What do you use to keep your feet soft? How often do you exfoliate? See what I mean?

I think we can agree that there are many other things that raises the bar from girlhood to womanhood, but these are a start. As I mentioned before, we’re all constantly evolving into refined versions of ourselves. It just comes with the territory of aging. Some people place a negative connotation on getting older and try many things to slow the process. Me, however,  I embrace womanhood. Because growing old is certainly better than the alternative of dying young.

Do you have these things? What did you acquire that made you feel like you crossed the threshold into womanhood?

Until next time…

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