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4 Reasons You Should Write a Book

It’s become easier than ever to publish a book. Now authors have the ability to release their literary gold without the overhead of a company. Self publishing has put the dream of completing a book in reach for just about everyone. I know a few people who want to write a book but haven’t gotten around to it because – well, life happens. Are you one of those people? Let me give you some motivation!

Here are 4 reasons why you need to go ahead and write that book!

You’ll become smarter. No matter what book idea you have, you’ll need to do research. If you’re writing a fiction book, you need to research to make your story line believable. If you’re working on a non fiction book you need to research to make sure your facts are straight. When the book is done, it’s not like you’ll forget everything you learned. When someone asks how you know so much about the process of making cotton candy, you can tell them you wrote a book about it. BOOM – self promotion.

It’ll build your brand. If you run a business or have a personal initiative you’re working on, writing a book is a great way to catapult your presence in the public eye. Mindy Kaling, TD Jakes and Jane Lynch are just a few. Use a book for leverage!

To give back to the community. Do you have a book idea that just might change someone’s life? You can take said book and donate copies to young adults, parents, politicians or whoever would benefit. This leads to my last point.

Because it’s not all about the money. Writing a book means that you leave a mark on this world. Forever. After you’ve passed on, you’ll leave a legacy behind for future generations. I know you aren’t dying until a long long long time, I’m just saying! Your book could be used in college coursework 50 years from now. How cool would that be? Hey, you never know!

Writing a book can be a long and emotional process. This is especially true if it’s your first book. Believe me, I know! But I’m encouraging you to get it done! Have you ever met someone who said they had regrets about releasing a book? Yeah, me either…

Do you have a book idea, or are you currently working on a book? What’s your biggest hurdle in getting it published?

PS: When you’re finished with your book, I’ll be happy to edit it for you!

Until next time…

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  • Reply Chelle @ Blogs Like a Girl October 26, 2015 at 10:55 am

    I’ve been meaning to put together an ebook to give away to blog subscribers … but I’m so lazy.

    • Reply Candace McGee October 30, 2015 at 11:20 am

      Hey Chelle, I hope you’re feeling feeling the burn of motivation this week to get that book going. Happy writing!

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