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4 Professional Benchmarks to Hit in One Year

I talk a lot about how to get a job by creating attention grabbing resumes and how to handle yourself during an interview. But what happens after you get the job? Do you just perform at a bare minimum level and collect a paycheck? Your answer should be no. Here are a few things you can do to keep your job and to prepare you for the next one.

Update your resume. This should be done regularly and is especially true if you plan to move to another company anytime in the foreseeable future. It’s not as easy as you might think to look back a year later and try to remember all of the contributions that you made to your employer.

Participate in a large project. If you aren’t assigned to do anything in particular you should still volunteer. It’s usually the people working behind the scenes that are the nuts and bolts of a production anyway. This contributes to your attribute of being a team player and knowing how to get in where you fit in.

Ask for feedback. This can be done as subtly or as bold as you’d like. Getting the opinions of people who have been with the company longer than you can be an important factor in determining your next moves as an employee. They may see potential in you to move up within the organization or offer you some inside tips to make your job easier. You don’t have to force friendships but be social.

Brainstorm a project. This will take some confidence because you’re not just participatingyou’re the brain power here. Think of an area within the company that could use improvement or more support and come up with a contribution. Can you think of a way to save the company money? Do you have an idea for improving your job’s training process? Go for it! This idea works even better if you have a thumbs up from someone that’s respected in the company.

Keep in mind that these contributions can be added to your self assessment when the time comes to complete it. Oh, what’s that – you didn’t plan to complete one? Well, you do now! Haha. It’s important and here’s why.

What are the goals that you set for yourself at each job you take?

Until next time…

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