3 Book Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Editing is what I love to do. Transforming my clients into more effective communicators is a part of my life’s purpose and it’s one of the reasons that I created The Quirk Life. It’s my belief that once you finish writing your manuscript, you should read over it before you ship it off to an editor. And when you do, here are 3 things to look for and correct.


Your options are Aligned Left, Aligned Right, Centered and Justified. Generally speaking, your manuscript – or anything you write – should be in only ONE of these formats. Having more than one of these confuses the eye of your reader and can be quite annoying actually. (TYPE A JUMBLED PARAGRAPH TO SHOW THE ANNOYING EXAMPLE) You may not switch alignments intentionally, but your word processing software can do it without you even realizing it. This’ll be especially true if you work on your manuscript in multiple programs or devices. So be sure to check!


You don’t give your reader the same piece of information over and over in your book. You might think this is a reminder…but just trust that your readers are a smart bunch of folks and that their memory works fine. Now let’s say you have an event that happened in the past that ties into current events. There are ways to point out connections to your reader without boring them with specific details that they already know. If you’re struggling to write without being repetitive, it’s possible that your book doesn’t have enough depth. If you think this is the case, LET’S CHAT ABOUT IT.


Is your antagonist/narrator retelling the story to your reader? Are they telling the story in real time? This is an important detail and should be chosen before writing even begins. To be fair, it IS definitely possibly to use both tenses in your book but it’s better left to more experienced writers. You need to be sure that the switch flows and, again, doesn’t confuse the reader. Or you, for that matter. There are lots of people who don’t believe the two tenses should be mixed together. For that I’ll leave you with a quote…

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

What are your struggles when it comes to writing your novel?

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