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24 Hours in My Brain

Crazy. Narcissistic. Bubbly. Intelligent. Random. Confident. These are a few words that people have used to describe me. YIKES! I’ve also been told that I can be difficult to read so today I’m letting you inside my brain. I’m going to give you a peek into my thoughts over the last 24 hours.

“I’m never watching Criminal Minds again!” I KNOW I’m not the only one upset that Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) will no longer be on the show. Seriously, I asked Santa to bring me the man in this post. Obsessed much? Anyway…

“Why are you talking to me?” That moment when you’re rude in your head but controlled enough to be polite out loud.

“I want to cut my hair.” Forreal, this natural hair life is a struggle. Should I do another big chop or nah?

“Gosh I love them.” And then I said it out loud so they would know :-.)

“This is the first Easter that I didn’t go to church.” And I actually felt ok with that.

“What the heck am I going to eat?” Figuring this out when you’ve just become vegetarian can be challenging.

“If I hear ONE MORE noise, I’m going up there.” You know how it is sometimes when you have upstairs neighbors…

“I love this song!” Yesterday my friends were playing some classic artists that I knew nothing about. The Bee Gees, KD Lang, The Carpenters…why didn’t anybody tell me?! It’s always great learning new music.

“OMG that tickles!” I wasn’t raised with dogs in my home. So when a dog licks me it tickles. As long as I don’t get licked in the mouth I’m fine with it.

“My heart is happy.” I spent Easter with people who I know genuinely love me. Conversation was diverse and complete with endless laughs and even a few tears, the music was perfect and I ate to my heart’s content. It was just a blessed day.

And there you have it.

Do you find yourself having random thoughts throughout the day? What are they usually about?

Until next time…


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