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15 Verbs to Finesse Your Resume

By now you  might know that I love working on resumes for my clients. Creating a resume that looks might be easy but content is king. Your resume needs to have substance. If you’re in the market for a gig, recruiters want to know that you’re a person who takes action and can get things done. Today I’m giving you 15 words to use on your resume to help a recruiter see that you might belong on their team.

  1. Consolidated
  2. Coordinates
  3. Created
  4. Directs
  5. Ensures
  6. Liases
  7. Manages
  8. Monitors
  9. Negotiates
  10. Organized
  11. Oversees
  12. Researches
  13. Streamlines
  14. Supervises
  15. Synchronizes

I’ve written most of these in present tense so if you’re using the words to describe a previous job you’ll want to change it accordingly. Do your best to always choose words that will make a strong impact on the person looking at your resume. One more thing…if you’re going to use such powerful verbiage, be sure that you can deliver once you get the job. *smile*

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What’s your biggest struggle in building a flawless resume?

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