12 Things I Love About Being Black

All of the recent events surrounding black people in the media have left me with a ball of feelings that I’m still sorting through. As a race we’ve had to overcome a lot and still have hurdles in the near distance. We don’t have it easy in Amerikkka but one thing is for sure – I LOVE being a BLACK woman today. I don’t need skin bleaching or filters on my photos to distort my complexion. I am who I am and I’ll never want to change it.

Here are 12 reasons I love being BLACK.

1. My hair. It can stand up straight in the air, it can lay flat, it’s strong enough to support extensions. It has multiple textures, it’s naturally red, it’s so regal that I have to protect it at night with silk. My hair demands attention and she always gets it.

2. My curves. Boobs, butt, FULL lips, calves – yup ALL that. I didn’t have to pay a surgeon for the body admired by many. I was just blessed that way. It wasn’t too long ago that my people were bashed for the very features that folks are now spending money to have. But I digress…back to loving on my race…

3. Community. While some choose to focus on black on black crime I’m going to highlight the opposite. My people love each other. When someone has a need we come together and get it done for them. When I’m in a place not heavily populated by black people and then I see one, there’s a sudden comfort that comes over me.

4. Melanin. So many shades and they’re all perfect. It protects us from harmful environmental effects, it saves us from flushed cheeks when we’re embarrassed, it helps our legs glisten when we slap on baby oil gel in the summertime. Yasss, show off the gams!

5. Resourceful. Black people will literally make something out of nothing. We can make a meal from scraps. We somehow pay a $100 electric bill with $75 in the bank. We turn oodles of noodles into a 4 course meal sometimes 5! We were never meant to be thriving citizens, but look at us. We’re staying in school. Our bloodline is continuing. We run businesses. We.Are.The.Shit.

6. Influential. We are some of the most talented people in the world. We come up with viral dances, develop beauty products, write best selling books (mine is on the way haha!), act in AND write box topping movies. We steal the show in Wimbledon (heyyy Serena girl), we’re the classy first lady, we’re humanitarians. We’re trendsetters.

7. Underestimated. I know this one doesn’t make sense when you first think about it. Why would I LIKE being underestimated? Because it gives us the upper hand. For example us millennials are judged for our “odd” appearances and choices of clothing. On the surface we might look like thugs, promiscuous…lost. But when we open out mouths and speak people are often blown away. However unfortunate this may be it still plays to our advantage if we can learn to use it in proper context.

8. Creativity. The way we express ourselves is absolutely unmatched in my opinion. Songwriting, poetry, painting, book writing, production, interior decorating, cooking…I could go on and then on some more. Our minds are beautiful even during times of suffering and our work is evidence.

9. Black don’t crack. But you already knew that! That precious melanin helps with this too. Our mother’s look like our older sisters. Grandpa looks 65 when he’s really 72. Partying adults closing in on age 30 are still being carded when they order alcohol. No not because it’s protocol but because we REALLY age just that well *hair flip*

10. Confidence. In my experience black people are the most confident folks I know. Not just about their outward appearance but on the inside too. We believe that we can do whatever we set our minds to. We know that the ability is within us to do great things. We know that dress looks amazing on us or that our muscles look good in a body shirt even if no one else tells us. We just know. How? Scroll back up to #5 and look at the past part of the paragraph. Yup.

11. Rhythm. We can groove to anything. It’s natural for us to just fall in line with a beat and move our bodies perfectly along to it. Turn the seduction up a notch. We’re just smooth like that.

12. Resilience. When unfortunate things happen to us we bounce back. Whether it’s an individual attack or one on our entire community we always make a come back.

Go ahead and admit it, we’re amazing.

Until next time…


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