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11 Hacks to Look Like a Better Friend

Cool fact – I submitted this to Buzz Feed because I was interested in writing for them. I wasn’t selected, but I still had fun coming up with these so I’m sharing with you!

Being a good friend is a lot of work. So why not cheat a little? Here are some ways to look like a superhero friend without overexerting.

  1. Call when you know you can’t talk.Hey, just called to say I love you. Aww man, going…tunnel…hear you…” *calls drops* Bottom line – you appear as a thoughtful friend for calling (insert devilish grin)
  2. Keep cards and calendar of important dates. Did you really remember their birthday or did you set a calendar reminder and play eeny meeny miny moe with your stash of greeting cards? The world may never know…
  1. Randomly give away something you have multiples of. “A scarf? I’ve been meaning to get one; you must’ve read my mind, thanks!”

           In your mind you’re saying – “Actually I got it on clearance and decided I didn’t like it. But you’re welcome!”

  1. Invite them over for QT when you’re too lazy to leave home. “Come over and I’ll make a nice home cooked meal for you!” Translation: “I was already going to cook this for myself. I can make it stretch for 2 people and I get to keep my PJ’s on.”
  1. Turn off read receipts. A good friend never blatantly lets people know they’re being ignored. Extra points if you come up with a good excuse. “Sorry so late, OMG I fell asleep early last night!”
  1. Eat their unhealthy snacks, not because you want to (though you really do), but because you want them to stay healthy.

          “I’m only doing this because I love you.”

  1. Re-gift something you don’t want. “I saw this Christmas ornament while shopping and just KNEW you had to have it because…well, it’s your favorite color!” Yup, find a way to make it work.
  1. Treat to dinner – with a gift card that someone else gave you. Slide it discreetly into the restaurant check holder and “pay” for dinner like a boss. Ballin!
  1. Help them look for clothes that you “borrowed” without their knowledge.

          “No I haven’t seen that perfect LBD you just got. But I’ll help you look. It HAS to be around here somewhere!”

  1. Buy a bottle of wine you know you’d like. “I brought a bottle of wine for the party. I’ve never had it before so I hope it’s good!” Oh please, you know you popped two bottles of that last weekend.
  1. Look like a sweetie pie by passing out the french fries. What you’re really doing is hogging the fries at the bottom of the bag. Shhh, no one has to know but us.

I promise I made all these things up in my head. C’mon, there’s no way I’ve actually done any of these.

Cool Fact: That’s my friend/2nd mom in the photo with me. She was the first friend that I made after moving to Georgia last year. Although this post is full of humor I appreciate her presence in my life very much!

What kind of thoughtful acts do you pass out to your loved ones?

Until next time…


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