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10 Things that Happen When You Turn 25

In case you didn’t know, quarter century crisis is a real thing. It’s like midlife crisis for 25 year olds. Except you don’t go on the prowl for women half your age or buy sports cars.

By 25, you fit into one of two categories.

  1. You don’t “have it all together.”
  2. You do “have it all together.” Well, you think you do. Read #1 again. Yup, that’s still your life.

The thing about the quarter century crisis is that as soon as you think you know yourself – you change.

#1: You feel like you’re the only loveless person from your HS graduating class. The former prom queen is now engaged to the former emo stoner – but you’re still single. How does this even happen?!

#2: Everything makes you emotional. “Look at the baby ducks. They’re just gliding along the pond so perfectly, not a care in the world.”  *teardrop*

#3: Your metabolism slows down. Oh you think you can still binge drink til 2AM, pig out on Taco Bell and not grow a gut? Yeah…okay!

#4: You get grey hair. Oh wait, maybe that’s only me. Well, mine started around 21 and I can’t possibly be alone in this.

#5: People question your reproduction plans. And if you’re not on board, brace yourself for a guilt speech/comment.

#6: People expect real gifts from you. Thoughtless knick knacks from 5 Below won’t cut it anymore. By now you’re supposed to have, like, class or whatever.

#7: Your parents expect you to treat them. To dinner, the movies, wherever. Ha! Tell them to try again when you’re 30.

#8: You pay attention to clothing labels. And you wash or dry clean as instructed. This is because you actually invest in your wardrobe. Look at you, growing right on up.

#9: You get excited when plans are cancelled. “Oh no! I’m sorry that you’re stuck at the animal hospital with Fido. I was looking forward to seeing you but we can reschedule. No biggie!” Meanwhile, you’re on the couch like…

You know you can relate!

You know you can relate! PS: Spider Man is cool, DJM!

#10: You stop being so hard on yourself. By now you realize that you’ll always be evolving into a greater version of your former self. And with that realization you laugh at your silly moments instead of getting frustrated. You enjoy life more fully.

So, next time you need an excuse for a lazy day…use the excuse that you’re 25+ now and it’s all just too much to handle.

What things about you have changed as you’ve gotten older?

Until next week…
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