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Planning the Perfect Surprise Party

What’s more fun than a surprise party? Two years ago I put one together for my mom whose birthday is June 25th. It wasn’t easy to keep it all under wraps and in the end she suspected there would be some kind of gathering for her. Still it was fun! Party planning period can be stressful but if you’re trying to surprise someone this rings even more true! Here are some things that helped me pull off her party successfully. Continue Reading


Father’s Day is Not for Single Mothers

It’s not to honor women period.

Sorry not sorry.

Let me go ahead and lay out my parental situation. My mom is a single mother to 3 boys. I’m the only child my parents had together before they split. My father has always been in my life consistently in money and time. Even though my mom raised my brothers without consistent help from their dad I still don’t wish her a happy Father’s Day.

Because she isn’t a father and she never will be. Father’s Day is not for single mothers. Continue Reading

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Dreams: Do They Mean Anything?

Anyone else dream a lot throughout the night?

When I dream, everything is in full color and very vivid. When I wake up my heart is usually racing – because of course I can’t have some chill dream like suntanning on the beach with Derek Morgan. Sometimes when I wake up from a dream if I fall back asleep too soon the dream will continue. And depending on the dream that can be a frightening thing!

I’ve had people tell me that my dreams mean nothing; that they came from a movie I watched or something I ate.

I disagree. Continue Reading

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How to Write a Bio People Want to Read

We all need biography at some point. If you’re in business, if you do performing arts….even when you die people will want to read your story. You should know yourself better than anyone else but it can be hard to take everything and condense it into a snapshot.

I’ve written bios for myself and clients too and want to share some tips that should help get you going. Continue Reading

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Decorating on the Dime: 6 Ways!

I’ve been candid about how long it took me to furnish my apartment after moving to a new state with pretty much nothing. I’ve been blessed financially but I’m always still searching for a deal before before spending money. And of course when decorating my place I wanted some original art pieces (uh hello, my blog name is The QUIRK Life).

My place isn’t completely decorated but it’s come a long way in the last 6 months and I want to share what I’ve learned. Here are 6 ways that I’ve saved money while getting my place in order. Continue Reading

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10 Most Recent Camera Roll Pics

We all know that you can learn a lot about a person by looking through their internet browser history (note to self: update will with specific instructions about this).

Anyway, another method to see into a person is to go through their camera roll. Phones are generally password protected and therefore can carry a lot of insight of a person’s mental. I gave you a glimpse into my thoughts before, but here are my 10 most recent camera photos. Continue Reading

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Why Plus Sized Women ROCK!

Yup, those are my thick thighs and fat feet in the photo. And?

Body shaming – people still do that? Good thing we don’t care. It’s taken society way too long to realize that our bodies are pretty amazing. Really, what was the hold up? There are so many reasons why we R-O-C-K! Continue Reading