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Why Plus Sized Women ROCK!

Yup, those are my thick thighs and fat feet in the photo. And?

Body shaming – people still do that? Good thing we don’t care. It’s taken society way too long to realize that our bodies are pretty amazing. Really, what was the hold up? There are so many reasons why we R-O-C-K! Continue Reading

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Blog Birthday & Giveaway!

The Quirk Life is one year old. Wow!

I remember when I started thinking about doing this. I needed my own platform. I’d written for businesses and magazines but the process was starting to exhaust me. I always had so much to share but was boxed into a certain writing style or topic when writing for other people. I’d had enough. Continue Reading


5 Ways to a Better Monday

Monday oh Monday…who sent for you? Seriously, why are you here? Even if you love your job Monday can still hit you like a ton of bricks. If you’re feeling sluggish or overwhelmed I have some ideas that might perk you right on up. Continue Reading

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4 Ways to Get the Job You Want

The process of landing a new job is enough to trigger multiple anxiety attacks. Mix that with a lack of experience (hello recent/upcoming graduates!) and you might be left wondering how you’ll ever get a job.

Of course you need to make sure that your resume is perfect! I’ve given free pointers on what to and what not to do here and here. Once you convince the recruiter on paper, the next step is to impress them in person. Here’s how to do it. Continue Reading

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That Time I Almost Lost My Life

FYI: this post contains photos that some may consider graphic. You’ve been warned.

Whew this one stirs up some emotions…

Two years ago I was excited about going to my boyfriend’s house because I was surprising him with a polo shirt and pair of shoes. I was as happy as I can be that day, playing music and singing my heart out like I normally do when I’m in my car alone. I was almost there, about 5 minutes away and then… Continue Reading


DIY 3D Flower Art

Wow, it’s been been almost six months since I moved to GA and signed the lease on my lovely apartment. One problem though. My walls have been bare! No photos, no art…just paint. I really didn’t want to spend a small fortune trying to decorate the place. And then all of a sudden my internal creative awakened from her deep slumber. I got on Pinterest and started searching! Continue Reading

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Rainbeau Curves Partnership

I’m so excited to announce my new partnership with Rainbeau Curves!

If you aren’t familiar with them check out their site. They sell durable yet cute workout gear for us thick women. That’s their top I’m wearing in the photo :-.D They heavily promote body positivity which I’m definitely all about.

I’ll be writing blog posts for them over the next few months and the first one goes live in a week. Eek!

What’s your favorite brand for workout clothes?

Until next time…


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Why Homebodies Are Winning

I used to go out all the time in my early 20’s. Seriously ALL THE TIME. Hang out all night and still be at work by 8 AM – not a problem at all. Drive 3 hours just to party with my friends at their college – no biggie. I didn’t even buy groceries because I was on the go so much. Looking back on it I couldn’t even imagine living that way now. I never cared about the domestic side of life. Cook and clean? That was for my grandmother’s generation. I wanted to travel, dance, build memories with my friends, play in my makeup, get tattoos and get pierced. Glad I got all that out of my system!

Today I’m proud to be a homebody. I know we’re given the side eye a lot but let me just clarify that “homebody” doesn’t mean “boring.” We’re winning and here’s why… Continue Reading

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A Night with Janis Joplin

There I was minding my own business looking for comforter sets and Brazilian wax coupons when it popped up…

A Groupon deal to a Janis Joplin show at the Fox Theater. Whoa! I got so excited. Say whaaat, you didn’t know I loved me some Janis? I do! The first song I heard by her was Mercedes Benz. I was fresh out of high school and getting paid to transfer some music between devices for a CEO I knew. I was so focused on the job itself but at one moment it dawned on me to actually listen to some of the music. And that’s when I heard that husky voice and I was blown away. A white girl who could sing it all. Continue Reading