5 Questions Before Starting a Blog

Lately I’ve been getting questions from people who are interested in starting a blog. Woo hoo! Of course I’m totally supportive of anyone who wants to do this because – hello, I’m a blogger! Realistically though, blogging isn’t for everyone. You may start out with great intentions and then lose that wind beneath your wings if you’re not really passionate about doing this. If you are, you can find the 5 things you need to lay your blogging foundation here. To go along with that download, here are 5 questions you’ll need to answer before launching a blog. Continue Reading


Dating Tips for the Chronically Single

Raise your hand if “chronically single” seems like a fitting description of your love life. Now raise it if you consider yourself a loner. *raises hand*

Unfortunately we live in a time where people still think that there’s something terribly wrong if you’re not involved in a romantic situation. Situation, not relationship because the trend seems to be more about codependency rather than an actual partnership. OK, hopping off of the soapbox now.

I understand that as you get older, the picture of “success” might include having someone to share your life with. But how do you date with sense when you’re used to being alone? It may not seem like a difficult transition but I can tell you from experience that it’s no walk in the park. Here’s what I’ve figured out… Continue Reading


Survey Time!

Hello there friends! I started The Quirk Life as a hobby without a lot of clear direction. My images were terrible, my branding was inconsistent and I didn’t even have social media pages for it. What in the world was I doing?!

Anyway, my little corner of the world wide web has grown into more than I thought it’d be in such a short time. As it continues to grow I want to know what you think! With each blog post you read you’re letting me be a part of your life and it means a ton to me. So I’ve created a survey for you to tell me exactly how you feel about this here blog. I want to continue creating content that you care about!

-Only 7 questions
-Click to answer (you don’t have to type out anything)
-Completely anonymous
-Takes less than 10 minutes to complete

Want to help me out? GREAT! The survey is just below!

Create your own user feedback survey

Thank you so much for participating! The survey will run until Friday and I can’t wait to get all the results and share them with you. This should be interesting.

Until next time…



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Why You Should Start Journaling Today

It’s probably no surprise to you that I write in a journal. I don’t use it everyday although it’s great practice to do so. It seems that a lot of people use journals when they’re young, especially in the preteen years; but then stray as they get older. It makes sense because as adolescents we have so much going on (physical/emotional development, confidence issues, being separated from childhood friends) and may not always have a person to talk to about those changes. At that point in our lives a journal feels “safe.” But then we get older, busy. Journaling isn’t just for the youngin’s. Here are a few reasons to get back into using a journal today. Continue Reading

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What Happens When You Start Seeing a Therapist

By now you probably know that I’m seeing a therapist. It’s one of the best decisions that I’ve made for myself. If you’re thinking about finding a therapist you might wonder if it’ll be worth it. The short version is AB-SO-FREAKING-LUTELY. OK – ‘yes’ is the shortest version. Here are some things that will happen once you get into the routine of seeing a therapist. Continue Reading

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Why I Started Seeing a Therapist

I’ve been seeing a therapist every week – surprise surprise! Until now there were only a handful of people who knew that. Now the whole world wide web knows – sorry mom. It’s been on my heart to share this with my readers because there is still a stigma surrounding mental health especially in the black community. We can share silly memes like this one:


Photo Cred: IG – everythinglovely

 …but we shy away from the real issues. Those days have come to an end for me. OK MAYBE I still act a tad crazy but I’ve stopped avoiding my issues and am working to be a better person! Here are the reasons why I decided to get my life back in order by seeing a therapist. Continue Reading

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Awkward Moments We’ve All Faced

Uncomfortable moments are my life. There’s really no way around it and I know I’m not alone. Unless you live in a bubble here are 7 awkward moments you’ve probably experienced.

The store stalker. You’re walking around the grocery store minding your own business shopping just as happy as can be. You spot someone as you pick up a bunch of bananas. Then you keep on going to the cereal aisle and there they are again. This time you smile just to be polite and then head to the frozen foods section. And…yup you guessed it – that same person is there. Do we literally have the same shopping list? Are you following me? Wait – am I following you? Alright I’m confused now guess I’d better just head to the register. Continue Reading

Business Tips

11 Questions to Ask in Every Job Interview

First things first. In order to even get an interview you must stand out in a sea of applicants. I’ve written some posts already that will help you do just that. Use them for guidance before putting in your next application.

The One Page Resume
4 Ways to Get the job You Want
4 Ways to Boost Your Resume NOW
6 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Alright, you’ve scored big points with the recruiter. Now they’ve invited you to do an interview. I’ve said before that job interviews are a two way street. Today I’m going into how you make that happen. Continue Reading